Advantages and disadvantages of connecting to the Internet via satellite

Most of us live in regions where we connect to the Internet through ADSL technology. The luckier ones can do it by using fiber optics, which offers higher speeds. But in the world, there are many other areas where this type of technology does not reach. In those cases, to surf the net it is necessary to use a different system, such as satellite connectivity. Throughout this entry, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of connecting to the Internet via satellite.

Connect to the Internet via satellite, what is it?

For all those people who live in remote areas where other technologies such as fiber optics or ADSL do not reach, connecting to the Internet via satellite can be their lifeline. As its name says, the connection would be through satellites that orbit around the Earth. We already talked about the agreement between Facebook and EutelSat to launch the first satellite to provide Internet connection.

The installation of this type of technology to navigate requires a different installation than the one that can be used for ADSL or similar. On this occasion, the user must install a satellite dish on their roof. This will be responsible for sending and receiving information from the network.

Between our computer and the antenna, we will have to locate a router, just as we do today. We could connect to this router via WiFi connection or cable.

Advantages of connecting to the Internet via satellite

Using a satellite connection to surf the web offers a number of interesting advantages over other technologies.

  • Coverage breadth. The first and clearest is that they offer greater coverage. The signal can reach anywhere in the world, no matter how far away it is.
  • Great bandwidth. This type of technology offers greater bandwidths than those that ADSL could offer, although it does not come close to the numbers offered through the use of fiber optics.
  • Signal Security. Other advantages of using satellite connection systems is that they have less risk of suffering some type of cut.

Disadvantages of connecting to the Internet via satellite

Although this type of technology offers greater coverage, it also offers a series of important disadvantages that we should take into account before contracting this service.

  • Higher price. The first disadvantage that we can talk about is its price. This is usually higher than that of other technologies such as ADSL. It is also necessary to make an outlay on the devices necessary for its use.
  • Variant speed. The speed that can be achieved using this technology can vary considerably, depending on the distance we are from the closest satellite. There are also atmospheric agents that negatively influence the quality of the signal. In some cases, a severe storm can cause us to be without service.
  • Signal delay. Due to the distance between us and the satellites, there is a delay between sending the signal and receiving the response. This delay can be up to 10 times higher than that offered by ADSL. To send or receive emails, we may not notice it, but if we have to make a video conference, then it will be noticed.
  • Download limit. Unlike traditional services where there is unlimited navigation, with the satellite connection this does not happen. In most cases, they offer a number of download data. Once you exceed that limit, the speed is greatly reduced.

What other advantages and disadvantages of connecting to the Internet via satellite can you think of? Have you ever had the opportunity to try this type of connection? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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