How Starlink will it provide internet coverage to all corners of the world

The internet has become essential for everyone in the world. But, despite this, in many places on the planet, there is still no connection. So using it daily becomes difficult for some.

But, thanks to the initiative of tycoon Elon Musk, this reality is about to change. Starlink promises to provide an efficient internet signal with a global reach, through satellite technology. Let’s see what are the advantages that this service offers you.

What is StarLink?

Starlink is a program developed by the space company SpaceX. It has the objective of providing an internet service with a high-speed connection. This, especially in areas far from the big cities.

The foregoing, without building any terrestrial infrastructure, since Starlink will be a satellite internet service.

The company has already deployed around 1,500 satellites. Having more than 69,000 users in a dozen countries. But Elon Musk has already warned that these could rise to more than 500,000 in the coming months. Starlink promises worldwide coverage !

By August 2020, the company achieved global connectivity, except at the poles. Covering the areas where 5G technology or internet fiber did not reach.

Starlink Features

Some relevant features of Starlink internet are as follows:

General features

  • The Starlink satellite network is specially designed for those areas of the world where fiber optics cannot reach. It is ideal in areas where 4G or 5G technology is not enough
  • During tests carried out by the company, download speeds between 50 and 150 Mbps have been recorded.
  • Starlink satellites have ground connection points and can also communicate with each other.
  • It has a lower latency than other satellites, being the same between 20 and 40 milliseconds. Although it is not recommended as a substitute for home networks.
  • It comes in a kit to be installed at home, so you can connect properly to the satellite. It consists of an antenna, cables, router, tripod and power supply.
  • The antenna is placed in an elevated part of your house. To then direct it towards the sky, thus capturing the signal from the satellite. Subsequently, it is sent to a router that will allow you to receive the internet.
  • His philosophy is the speed and practicality to connect the equipment. Just plugging it in promises efficient internet.
  • Starlink’s satellites will not be in geostationary orbits, but rather in the Ku and Ka bands. In addition, seven thousand five hundred of them will be found in V bands. Therefore, they do not follow the Earth’s orbit, that is, they are not fixed at the same celestial point.
  • They provide a more stable connection than traditional satellites.
  • You can easily place your order from the company’s website.

What is the price of the Starlink service?

Although it really has many advantages, Starlink has a high price. Musk mentions the efforts they are making to reduce the value of the terminal or antenna. The cost of the kit is almost 500 euros and the cost of sending the package is 60.

To enjoy the service you must make a monthly subscription, which has a price of 99 euros. The company offers to match the cost anywhere in the world. The app is free, and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Advantages of Starlink Internet

  • Ideal for isolated areas where there is no cable or mobile connection. Also, in those areas where the connection is excessively slow.
  • It could be very useful in places in emergency situations. Like those that suffer natural catastrophes, since the connections are not interrupted. Here satellite technology would be a valuable tool.
  • It offers faster internet for ships and planes.
  • It is a very secure connection, thanks to its end-to-end encryption.
  • It has an app to determine which is the best drop zone. It is available for Android and IOS.
  • You can move your device electronically, and without touching it, so you always have optimal orientation.

What will be the range that Starlink will have?

The company plans to have more than 42,000 satellites in the future, providing a broad internet signal to the planet. Despite the global coverage, only countries that authorize the use of satellites will have access to it.

For this reason, Starlink internet currently only has operations in countries such as:

  • Europe: United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands
  • America: United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
  • Also in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

In Chile, for example, a beta version of the project has been carried out. Located in the town of Caleta Sierra, a small region located 400 km north of the capital. There, about 170 people reside. Also, in Sotomó, a town that is located 950 km south of Santiago, which is only accessible by river.

Gwynne Shotwell American businesswoman, engineer and also the president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, assured that Starlink was created for these types of regions. They were benefited by a special permit that the Chilean authorities provided. Starlink provided free internet to the area, as the project was non-commercial.

In this way, many people in rural areas will be able to have the internet and benefit from all its advantages. Being an excellent way to connect to the world. But not only this, but it can be used in vehicles and mobile platforms.

In addition to Starlink, 5G is also changing the world!

But the advances are not limited to Starlink. Let’s now talk about 5G, the network that is changing the world. Do you want to know what this technology is?

The philosophy behind this is to expand the concept of the internet, providing the ability to connect with devices of all kinds. Thus changing the reality of our world.

Imagine smart objects controlled from a phone like appliances, cars, or your own house. From the smallest to entire cities connected online. It is not a science fiction movie, but a reality that is already happening.

Thanks to its speed of 10 gigabit/s, 5G allows very fast download speeds. So a task that used to take minutes and hours can be done in seconds. This is due to the frequency in which it operates, since its band reaches up to 6Ghz.

It has low latency and provides speeds of up to 10 Mbps on your cell phone. Its infrastructure allows the generation of optimized electromagnetic fields. In addition, smart or MIMO antennas offer coverage only where it is needed.

With 5G, interference is minimized, effectively transmitting information using lower power.

Thanks to these new technologies we will be completely connected. It seems that the future will be increasingly automated. What’s your opinion about it?

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