Pre-booking for Elon Musk’s High-Speed ​​Starlink Broadband Internet in India

StarX’s HighSpeed ​​Internet Plan

Elon Musk said last month that Starlink satellite will get much faster internet speed. He said that the goal is to provide broadband service of Starling Satellite to crores of users living in rural areas. And under this, 300 Mbps internet speed will be given at the moment. Starlink company has announced to provide internet speed from 50MBPS to 150MBPS at this time. However, Starlink company is going to provide internet service in India from next year and the company has targeted to provide 1GBPS internet speed for India. Elon Musk’s Starlink company aims to send 12,000 satellites to Orbit under which to cover the entire world. Starlink has currently installed 1000 satellite orbits.

Price and information in India

SpaceX’s satellite best internet service offers very fast internet facility, so its price is also high. According to the report, for Starlink Internet broadband in India right now, you will have to spend $ 99, i.e. about 7300 rupees every month. Although, Starlink company will start offering its service to the consumers of India from next year i.e. 2022 but there is so much demand that pre booking has already started.

Starling testing is going on in India, which is in beta phase. Giving information about internet service, Space X has said that in today’s world most of the men are working from home, with most students studying online, it is very important to have fast internet service and Starlink company will provide faster internet speed to its consumers. We will reach internet as soon as possible in those areas where internet has not been reached yet. The Space X company said in the tweet that ‘Starlink’s satellites are 60 times closer to Earth than other companies’ satellites, due to which we are able to provide very fast speed internet service. Starlink will be very easy from internet to video calls to online gaming too’

Internet speed and details

Starlink company has claimed that the company will provide 1GBPS internet downloading and uploading speed. The speed of Starlink is 150MBPS at the moment, which will increase to 300 MBPS during testing. At the same time, the company says that its Internet scope will be between 20 meters to 40 meters. If you also want to get internet broadband of Starlink company then you have to order by visiting the company’s website. At the same time, the company said that if it fails to provide internet as per the condition, then the money will be returned to the consumers. If you want to get internet then you have to go to the website, from where you can do pre booking.

Starlink’s website reads, “Starlink is currently available to a limited number of users per limited area. Orders will be completed on a first come, first served basis.”

According to the website, Starlink is currently offering an initial beta service domestically and internationally, and will continue to expand for most of the world’s global coverage in 2021.

How to do pre-registration?

Those wishing to register for Starlink broadband internet service will have to register on the Starlink website.

Indian customers will have to deposit $99 (Around Rs 7,300) to register. The company has stated that the pre-booking amount is refundable and users can check the availability of internet service by writing the name and postal code of the city on the Starlink website.

If your area is eligible to receive service, you will be redirected to the payment page. Then you will have to enter your name, phone number, billing information like email, such as credit card number etc. Most of the users in India will get the service by 2022.

The company has also confirmed that the service will be rolled out on a first come, first served basis and availability is limited.

According to several online reports, Starlink users in the US and Mexico get a connection kit for $ 499 that includes everything needed to work, including a Wi-Fi router, power cable, and even a tripod. The company wants to provide high-speed internet for its users up to 1Gbps download and upload speeds.

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