Starlink for ships is here, and it’s ridiculously expensive

Humble yacht-owning marine explorers of the modern age can kit out Starlink Maritime on their voyage and enjoy fast internet for $5,000 per month.

Elon Musk ‘s starlink is taking its satellite internet services to sea, thanks to a new tier of service called Starlink Maritime that currently covers only a small portion of the world but has ambitious expansion plans by the end of 2023. Starlink, which began offer its services in 2019, it currently has more than 2,000 Internet transmission satellites in orbit.

Earlier this week, the company got the go-ahead from the US FCC to launch mobile stations for moving vehicles. Called Ground Stations in Motion (ESIM), the goal is to turn moving vehicles into Internet-delivering machines by receiving a beam directly from satellites. Until now, Starlink has required a stationary Dishy McFlatface antenna to provide Internet connectivity.

However, before Starlink in the car can become a reality, very wealthy people on Earth traveling on a luxurious superyacht can install Starlink gear on their posh promenades. The concept behind Starlink Maritime is not novel by any stretch of the imagination. However, Musk’s offering brings two key benefits: a relatively affordable price for high-bandwidth internet, and the promise of uninterrupted service over a much larger region by leveraging his constellation of internet satellites floating in Earth orbit. low (LEO). Starlink Internet price for ships and cruises isn’t really acceptable for the average home broadband user at $5,000 per month, but it’s still much more affordable compared to what rivals offer, especially when it comes to the data speeds on offer. and the price of each GB package.

Solving tangible problems, for a price

According to data collected by SatéliteInternet , the price of the Sea Tel SAILOR 900 VSAT system is $34,995 for the equipment, while the price of the attached data plan is set at $249 per 3 GB and more. But here is the worst part. Sea Tel equipment only offers speeds up to 768 kbps for that eye-popping price. Iridium Go charges $653 for every 300 minutes of internet access, but the data transfer rate is capped at 768 kbps. Simply put, people who want to enjoy their daily dose of viral TikTok videos while on a boat and miles away from shore are going to have to pay big bucks for the experience.

Starlink Maritime isn’t shying away from its handsome $10,000 asking price for equipment, but that $5,000 per month Internet payment will go a long way to solving the speed problem. Aimed at clients ranging “from merchant ships to oil rigs and premium yachts”, Starlink Maritime promises low latency Internet at a maximum downlink speed of up to 350 Mbps. Another advantage is that Starlink satellite Internet equipment is relatively easy to install. The company also touts the hardware’s ability to survive extremely harsh situations, like rocket engines, though that won’t be of much use to most customers, unless you happen to be a megalomaniacal billionaire hell-bent on world domination with a floating mind. -Control robots that rule the skies aboard rockets.

However, there are some caveats. Buyers don’t want to take their Starlink-ready luxury yacht to an area with lots of clouds, as the service requires “a clear view of the sky.”. For customers who pay a hefty fee to install multiple Starlink Maritime units on their sea voyages, you’ll be happy to know that the entire Starlink Maritime fleet can be managed from a single dashboard with guaranteed data security, thanks to one-end encryption. . The company has also released a coverage map, which covers nearly the entire US coastline, nearly a third of Latin America, most of Europe, and about two-thirds of the Australian coastline. However, by the fourth quarter of 2022, the coverage will extend well beyond the coasts and will cover the entire maritime area encompassing the US, Europe and Asia along tropical lines. For the first quarter of 2023, stellar linkThe maritime sector will be globalized and will be completed with an expanded interior coverage.

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