Starlink: What is the goal of this project

The future of communications is in space and we all know it. Communications based on satellite technology seem to be more efficient than conventional ones. Bearing this in mind, Starlink, SpaceX’s internet network, is born. The company led by Elon Musk aims to democratize internet access, especially in rural areas. However, this is a slightly more difficult mission than it seems.

The first tests of Starlink

This new network aims to increase internet access. The target audience is based on populations where the fiber optic connection does not reach or does not work well. During its beta phase the data speed has been between 50MB/s and 150MB/s. The problem is that during the tests the 1,700 satellites that the network has have not been operational.

During this first stage, tests have been carried out in North America and some locations in Europe. However, the absence of this network in countries such as Australia, New Zealand or Chile has not gone unnoticed.

Sanjay Bhargava, an ally of Starlink in India, assures that this may be the first country in which the company begins to operate 100%. One of the first massive operations of this new service will be the Lok Sabha locality elections. This would be the opportunity to know exactly the quality of the connectivity of the satellites.

The price of the Starlink Internet

During October 2020 the new SpaceX internet project began, but from February 2021 the registration process began. New users had to pay for a fairly expensive first package compared to other similar services.

First of all, you need a new router and an antenna that costs about 499 euros. Shipping costs must also be included, which cost up to 60 euros. Finally, the monthly service would cost 99 euros.

Although this may not seem like a very competitive price at first glance, there are benefits to consider. For users who want to have internet anywhere in the world with good speed, this can be an attractive option.

The potential customers of this new network

Although this is an initiative that seeks to take the Internet where it has not yet reached, there are also other potential clients. Starlink’s customers are not just the conventional ones, but it wants to go further with companies like Google or the giant Microsoft. Airlines and ports could also be potential customers.

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