Starlink Australia Coverage Map

Starlink Coverage Map Australia

Through the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA), the Australian government recently approved the inclusion of billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Swarm Technologies and Kepler Communications in the Australia Foreign Space Objects Determination list which lists foreign companies authorized to apply for authorizations to provide communication services in the country. ACMA’s decision to include these foreign … Read more

Starlink Coverage Map Canada

Starlink Satellite

Internet users in these regions can already register for SpaceX’s satellite internet service. However, you will still have to wait to be able to benefit from it. The American company Space X obtained the green signal from Canadian authorities to offer its Internet service through its Starlink satellites in the country. Thanks to its constellation … Read more

Starlink Mounting Options

Starlink Mounting Options

The base that comes in the Starlink kit is not going to be a permanent solution for most folks. How you end up mounting your dish will depend on many factors, including obstructions, roof angle, and budget. In this article, we will guide you through the various Starlink mounting options. We will also take a … Read more

Can we use Starlink while on the go?


Musk revealed on Twitter in April 2021 that the service is ready to go “fully mobile.” Please note that currently Starlink customers cannot move their existing hardware from one address to another. As a beta member, you must submit your location information at checkout and then keep the device. Musk admits that Starlink terminals are … Read more

Can Starlink be used in bad weather?

Starlink be used in bad weather

We haven’t had a chance to test Starlink, but the weather seems to be an issue.¬†According to Starlink, the receiver is capable of melting snow that falls on it, but the company recommends installing Starlink in a location that prevents snowpack and other obstructions from blocking the field of view.¬†It also notes: “Heavy rain or … Read more

How fast is Starlink Internet service?

Starlink Internet Speed

Elon Musk’s Starlink has been the talk of the town lately, with the eccentric billionaire donating hardware to help keep Ukrainian citizens connected during the ongoing conflict. However, in the rest of the world, the Starlink service is still a very expensive way to access the Internet, especially if you opt for the premium package. … Read more

What does Starlink hardware include?

Starlink Hardware

When you subscribe to Starlink, you will get a kit that includes a satellite dish and a router. All you need to do to make the connection is set up the satellite dish in your house. It receives the signal and passes the bandwidth to your router. There is a Starlink app for Android and … Read more

How many Starlink satellites are there in space?

How many Starlink satellites are there in space

The first Starlink prototype satellites were put into orbit in 2018. There have been more than 20 successful launches since then, bringing the total number of satellites launched to nearly 1,300 as of February 2021. SpaceX put some of the satellites into orbit using the Falcon 9 orbital rocket. Eventually, Starlink hopes to surround the … Read more