What does Starlink hardware include?

Starlink Hardware

When you subscribe to Starlink, you will get a kit that includes a satellite dish and a router. All you need to do to make the connection is set up the satellite dish in your house. It receives the signal and passes the bandwidth to your router. There is a Starlink app for Android and … Read more

How many Starlink satellites are there in space?

How many Starlink satellites are there in space

The first Starlink prototype satellites were put into orbit in 2018. There have been more than 20 successful launches since then, bringing the total number of satellites launched to nearly 1,300 as of February 2021. SpaceX put some of the satellites into orbit using the Falcon 9 orbital rocket. Eventually, Starlink hopes to surround the … Read more

How to Cancel Starlink and Get Refund

Already ordered Starlink? You can check the status of delivery by signing into your account. Starlink kits are usually shipped within two weeks. Users will receive an email with tracking number of courier so they can track status. The kit will include Starlink, WiFi router/power supply, cables, and base. There will be a manual to … Read more

Starlink: What is the goal of this project

The future of communications is in space and we all know it. Communications based on satellite technology seem to be more efficient than conventional ones. Bearing this in mind, Starlink, SpaceX’s internet network, is born. The company led by Elon Musk aims to democratize internet access, especially in rural areas. However, this is a slightly … Read more